Hindi got its name from Persian word “Hind” meaning the land of Indus river, the constituent assembly adopted Hindi as the Official language of the Union on 14th September 1949, but this came into effect in 1965 , the day is celebrated as Hindi day. Hindi is widely spoken in countries like Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Nepal , it is estimated to be spoken by almost 650 million people world wide thus making it as 4th most spoken language in the world. Hindi is one of the seven languages that can be used to make web addresses . Manu Hindi words have been borrowed in English and other languages , Hindi also gained its popularity because of the Bollywood - the Hindi movie Industry which is the biggest movie industry in the world . It’s easy and simple language to communicate.


Mr Singhal is the part-time Hindi teacher at the NSCBICC. He has considerable experience in teaching students of all age groups and academic levels.


For Hindi classes please contact directly Mr Kumar Shivam  at (Mobile) 014-2341654 or email kumarssinghal@gmail.com

Online classes are also available for Hindi Language