Carnatic music is one of the two principal streams of Indian classical music, which is broadly classified into Hindustani music, prevalent in North India, and Carnatic music, prevalent in South India. Carnatic music is based on the concept of shruti (pitch/tone) and laya (rhythm). It comprises devotional songs in praise of God or the king of the particular composer’s period. The musical repertoire taught at the NSCBICC includes Swaravali, Datuvarasi, Jantivarasi, Alankara, Pellari Geeta, Sanchari Geeta, Lakshna Geeta, Swarajethi, Jatiswara, Varnam, Keethane, Kruti, Devaranama and Tillanas.


(Carnatic Vocal, Miruthagam, Konnakkol Vidwan)

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Andankoil A.V.S. Sudararajan hails from the family of Nadaswaram Vidwans. He was born on 25/07/1967 to ‘Nadaswaram Mastreo Shri Andankoil A.V.Selvarathnam and Smt. Vaidehi. He is a versatile artiste involving himself in vocal music, Miruthangam and konnakkol - an art of reciting the rhythms played especially on miruthanagam .

He started learning vocal music under his father from childhood and attained maturity to stage performance. Then he continued training under Sangeetha Vidwan Shri Kulikkarai S.P.Viswalingam. In his school and college days he participated in competitions and won many prizes. His First vocal concert took place at Salem in 1987. He has performed many concerts all over the world. He has performed jugalpandhi with Nadhaswaram, violin and Flute. He is a B-High grade artiste in AIR Tiruchirapalli.

His interest in Layam made him learn Thavil first under Thavil Mastreo Shri Valangaiman A. Shanmugasundaram. Then he turned to Miruthangam and Konnakkol under Miruthanga vidwan Shri Trichi R.Thayumanavan. He has accompanied many concerts on the Miruthangam. As a graded artist, he is participating in AIR programmes also.The noble art Konnakkol inspired him to learn. His captivating Konnakkol Voice has made the audience spellbound in many concerts. He has performed Konnakkol Layavinyasam also. 

He has worked as a vocal lecturer in Tamilnadu Govt. Music College for two Years from 1998 to 2000. He has trained more than 200 students in India, Malaysia, London, Switzerland, Canada and U.S.A..His capability of teaching vocal and Miruthangam has been very much appreciated by all of his students.

He has provided vocal music to many dance programmes also.He has composed songs for dance drama` Dasavatharam’ performed by students of Maharishi Vidhya Mandir, Chennai.

He has visited Malaysia many times. In 2004 he visited U.K.(London) and stayed for one year. He performed many concerts and taught Vocal and Miruthangam to a lot of students. On 31/01/2005 London Deepam T.V. telecast his live interview from 8.30 to 9.30 a.m., which was screened all over Europe. The song he tuned and sang about Tsunsmi in that interview was very much appreciated by the viewers who spoke to him lively.

In 2010 he was invited by Guanamrutham music academy , Canada for special Vocal training to the students. He also taught Miruthangam to many students of the school Miruthanga Seshthiram. He has been the Chief guest for many Arangetrams in Canada.

He has visited Singapore , Holland for programmes. As a young dedicated artiste he is very good in teaching and performing. He has been honoured with many titles such as “ Tamilisai Vendan", ”Isai Guanaselvan”, “Kalaichelvamamani” etc.. He has passed Hindi Praveen exam and capable of teaching Hindi language. He is a post graduate in English Literature, and Indian Music(M.Music).