Bio-profile for Pandit Sontosh Kumar Chatterjee

            Pt Sontosh Kumar Chatterjee is an outstanding choreographer/dancer/teacher of the culturally unique storytelling classical Kathak dance of India.  He learnt Kathak from the age of six under the guidance of Pandit Ram Narayan Misra of Lucknow style.  He received special training from the one and only maestro, Sitara Devi, in Mumbai, India.  He has taken intensive apprenticeship under the guidance of Pandit Vijai Shankar and attended intensive workshops by Pandit Birju Maharaj in Kolkata, India. 

            Sontosh Kumar has been performing in India and abroad since 1965.  Some of his performances in India include the Ragini Music Conference, International Marshall Art Festival, Kathak Mahotsav, National Festival of Kathak Dance, Swami Haridas Sangeet Sanmelan and Marwar Festival.  In 1990, he choreographed a Kathak ballet ‘Swarga Shava’ in the UK and performed at various places in Germany, France and England. He also has toured USA, London, Glasgow, Germany and Belgium.  In 1999, the Puri Beach Festival was a major conquest of the Guru where he displayed a unique combination of innate creativity and traditional form, which received an overwhelming response.  In 2002 , he choreographed a Kathak dance sequence in a documentary film titled “Bedla”. 

            He has taught for 5 years at Padatik Dance Circle in Kolkata. During the period of 2002-2006 he has conducted many workshops during his tour of the USA and UK. He has received “Sringara Mani Award” at the Haridas Sangeet Festival in Mumbai in 1989.  He received the “Maharaj” award from North Bengal Natya Jagat at Shiliguri in 1990.  He has received “Uttar Bangla Padak” and a gold medal from Bangladesh in 1993.  He has received “Pandit” title from Asia Plus News Paper Talikistan.